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Welcome to Auckland's Hi-Fi Specialists


Our physical shop will still be closed under level 3. For all enquires please email: [email protected] or phone john on: 021940087

Reasons to purchase Rega from Auckland's longest serving Rega stockist!:

1) With over 24 years knowledge and experience selling Rega turntables and electronics, we are able to assess problems, in-house, and in a very efficient manner.

2) Full pre-sale inspection of all turntables sold, prior to pick up and/or installation.

3) A wealth of knowledge with regards to all Rega product, servicing, setup and end user operation.

4) Ability to do full Rega turntable servicing, from set-up to upgrades and general inspection to ascertain if things are not working as they should.

5) Cartridge installation service.

6) Carry out electronic speed checking and weight calibration, alignment, installation of VTA (Vertical Tracking Spacer) spacers where necessary.

7) Cue up lift service, if the Cue-up mechanism is wearing out, we can refurbish or replace as needed.

8) We have access to most Rega spare parts, so any problems encountered can be addressed accordingly.

9) We can help you assess how to maximize your turntable’s performance, whilst not exactly “black art”, we are able to advise on the correct implementation within any system